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ILC of Kuwait boosts Grove fleet with a year of record purchases

  • The company received 31 Grove all-terrain cranes in 2023 – its largest number from Manitowoc in a single year. 
  • Deliveries included 20 GMK4100L-2, 10 GMK6300L-1, and its first GMK5250XL-1. 
  • Build quality, maneuverability, and service support all contributed to ILC’s record number of purchases.  

One of Manitowoc’s most important customers in the Middle East is celebrating a record year of purchases. Integrated Logistics Company (ILC) received 20 GMK4100L-2 cranes in 2023 and is now the largest owner of this model in the Middle East. The company also added 10 of the GMK6300L-1 cranes plus its first GMK5250XL-1. All the new cranes will be based at the company’s branches in Kuwait and Qatar. The 31-crane deal also makes ILC the single largest purchaser of Grove cranes in the Middle East for 2023.

“After all these years working together, we have built a strong and trusting relationship with Manitowoc, and Grove is our favorite brand because of the high build quality of its cranes. The tough Mercedes engines, superb Allison and Mercedes gearboxes, MEGATRAK® suspension, and highly efficient hydraulic and electrical systems combine with a strong structure to provide the reliability and durability demanded by our customers. Our maintenance costs have reduced thanks to the cranes’ reliability, and we’ve had no major problems. However, we know that when we need support we can count on a rapid response,” said Saleh Al Huwaidi, CEO of ILC.

Perfect for oil and gas

The GMK4100L-2’s unique abilities make it perfect for tasks at oil and gas refineries as well as major construction projects. Refinery work typically requires access to tight spaces, so the compact size of the GMK4100L-2 is a major asset. It has an overall length of just 13.21 m and width of 2.55 m, even when carrying up to 21.2 t of counterweight. Combined with the standard 8x6x8 axle arrangement, this allows operators to work with ease while taking full advantage of its compact operating radius. 
The 300 t, six-axle GMK6300L-1 also offers load charts that are ideal for refinery work. It is just over 4 m longer than the GMK4100L-1, at 17.6 m and 3 m wide. With its seven-section MEGAFORM® boom extended to 80 m, it can handle 14 t at a radius of up to 28 m. At its maximum, the crane can handle 1.7 t at a 74 m radius. For construction work, where loads must be elevated even higher, its hydraulically adjustable 37 m fly jib boosts reach 120 m.  

The 250 t capacity Grove GMK5250XL-1 is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a crane in this class and has the longest boom on five axles at 78.5 m. In addition to excellent maneuverability and high lifting capacity, it includes a single-engine design with fuel saver technology. For extra reach, there’s a 17.8 m bi-fold swingaway extension that can be lengthened to 33.8 m with additional inserts for a maximum overall lift height of 109 m. The crane is an ideal choice for a variety of applications, with up to 80 t of counterweight and a load chart that includes the ability to lift 9.9 t out to a 22 m radius with main boom fully extended.  

“We are very grateful for this strong commitment from our valued customer ILC. The company is well-known for its exceptional technical skill and engineering knowledge, and we are proud that Grove cranes can support ILC in its work. As Manitowoc continues to focus on customer-centric products we’re seeing stronger demand in the region and we’re aiming for even bigger successes in future,” said Sudheesh Mohan, Manitowoc’s regional sales manager for the Middle East.


Elena Morozova      
Marketing Manager 
Middle East, Africa, and CIS 
M: +971 56 603 2728